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Frambie’s Exhibition At The One Academy (#Uptrend2014)

Ray Beh, Founder | Frambie

We are doing our 1st ever exhibition that showcase our wall decor products at The One Academy (Penang), in conjunction with Multimedia Confluence featuring theme of ‪#‎Uptrend2014‬. The event will be held from 2nd to 6th September 2014.  Besides that, the founder of Frambie, Ray will be sharing about Frambie‘s entrepreneurship journey to the guest.

MULTIMEDIA CONFLUENCE is an annual multimedia design event organized for students to share and communicate about their design portfolios as well as coming together for a big gathering & celebration.

Not to forget, thanks again to The One Academy for the opportunity to share and learn together with the students.

The One Academy Confluence 2014the one academy uptrend14 the one academy uptrend14

Ray Beh | Founder

Ray is the founder of Frambie who love contemporary and minimalist design. He focuses on designing products for arts and photos that bring beautiful visual sensation for the interior environment.