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Launching of The Disappearing Hills Photography Exhibition & Documentary

Ray Beh, Founder | Frambie

Cameron Highlands, one of the most popular tourism destination in Malaysia, has been under development pressure, particularly from the agricultural sector. This has caused mud floods and landslides happening frequently.

Kai Wen, the photographer who is passionate to help and bring the stories in Cameron Highlands to the public. On coming Sunday, 31st May, there will be an exhibition by him, showcasing the aftermath of the 2013 Bertam Valley Floods in Cameron Highlands.

The exhibition is happening from 1st June to 30st June at The Camera Museum Penang. You are also welcome to the launching on 31st May, 4pm.


“(Cameron Highlands) was supposed to be a retreat for me and my friends, but I saw a lot of land clearing going on. I got interested because a lot of the vegetables that come to Singapore is from Cameron Highlands. I asked myself, what is the price we had to pay to doing farming on such a large scale?” – Yeo Kai Wen


The Disappearing Hills: Exhibition Trailer from Yeo Kai Wen on Vimeo.

Ray Beh | Founder

Ray is the founder of Frambie who love contemporary and minimalist design. He focuses on designing products for arts and photos that bring beautiful visual sensation for the interior environment.