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Redemption – Giving Voice to Mother Nature (Photography Exhibition)

Ray Beh, Founder | Frambie

The earth resources are getting lesser and we human are the one taking the resources. While the earth’s condition is getting worst, many humans are still wasting the resources. We believe that one of the reason is lack of awareness about environmental sustainability and people should be educated more about this.

On 5th of July 2014, together with our care about earth, a photography exhibition by Daniel Low will be held at The Camera Museum, Penang. This is not only an exhibition to raise awareness about earth’s condition, but also a charity exhibition and campaign as a means of giving voice to Mother Nature.

The exhibition showcases a series of high-fashion pieces specially designed using recycled materials, each depicting a certain endangered animal. Through this exhibition, the artists and designers wish to explore the beauty of Mother Nature, and to express the importance of protecting these endangered animals from extinction. Besides, it also educates the public that recycling can be done in every littlest ways possible.


Fund Raising for Tzu Chi Charity Organization

There will be a fund-raising activity, in which all proceeds will be channelled towards the Tzu Chi Charity Organisation. We welcome all interested individuals and organisations to take part in this great cause to raise awareness for protecting Mother Nature.

Everyone is welcome to visit to learn more about the art and data of our earth, from 5th Jul to 31st Jul 2014 in Penang.

redemption - photography exhibition

Ray Beh | Founder

Ray is the founder of Frambie who love contemporary and minimalist design. He focuses on designing products for arts and photos that bring beautiful visual sensation for the interior environment.