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What Is That Mean By Museum Quality Canvas?

Ray Beh, Founder | Frambie

Photo canvas has become a trend for home and office wall decor recently. I believe that there would be more and more people using it in Malaysia after 2012. If you have been shopping for canvas print lately, you must be hearing about Museum Grade Canvas Print, Museum Quality Canvas Print, Giclee Canvas Print or Fine Art Grade Canvas Print. Generally they are all similar, with the meaning of highest quality canvas print. And, if you wonder what is that mean by Museum Grade? Why is it so special? Well, let me explain it to you.

Basically, to produce a great canvas print, it needs printer, canvas material, surface coating and stretcher frame. It is an industry standard and also a tradition.


1. Printer & Pigment Inks

A good canvas print is produced with advance printing technique called as Giclée printing to produce high resolution, sharp and vibrant output. That also means it is different from the lower resolution banner print you see out there. Giclée printing is categorized as fine art printing. It uses fade-resistant and archival ink which we called as Pigment Ink, with up to 12 colors and able to last for more than 100 years. Therefore, the output of the print is truly beautiful.


2. 100% Cotton Canvas

To optimize the quality of the inks, canvas print is using 100% cotton canvas material. When we call it fine art grade or museum grade, it means the canvas is 100% cotton and has highest quality for long-term display. The unique heavyweight, quality canvas utilizes a tight weave that is ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions. There are some canvas mixing with PVC ingredient, and this is not the type can maximize the quality of the print output due to the capability in high resolution ink absorption.


3. Protected with Fine Art Surface Coating

The surface coating or called as varnish too, is used for protecting the color and canvas. It usually comes with Glossy and Matte, being applied on the surface to extend the life of canvas prints and makes the surface water-resistant. It also adds richness to the blacks and color gamut of pigment inks. It also preserves colors from fading and protects your canvases from cracking for more than 100 years. Besides that, the water resistant feature makes it easier for cleaning too. If you are in fine art industry for some times, you must know about Hahnemühle, the world leading company in fine art materials manufacturing. They produce one of the best Fine Art Varnish in the world.


4. Professional Framing & Canvas Stretching

The quality canvas print should be wrapped on a quality wooden stretcher frame. It is not just for viewing, but also for stable hanging as it is made for long lasting display. The process is handed by skillful people with experience, who knows how to protect and wrap the canvas nicely on the frame professionally. It is not something easy and the process requires training and guidance from experienced staff. In Frambie, we practice and upgrading the framing and wrapping skills using the professional tools, to maintain the professional workmanship for producing quality canvas prints.

With the development in framing industry, there are also Floater frames specially designed for canvas print, making it like an art for home and office.

Photo Canvas is not just a photo print. It is an Art Piece. If you want to get one, feel free to explore about our Museum Grade Canvas Print

Ray Beh | Founder

Ray is the founder of Frambie who love contemporary and minimalist design. He focuses on designing products for arts and photos that bring beautiful visual sensation for the interior environment.