Less Meeting, More Doing


Inspirational art by Artwave in frame or canvas to inspire the people around you.


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“Less Meeting, More Doing” has become a popular work culture in this modern era; especially for start- ups. They have a habit of taking on-the-spot action. Meeting can be a big time waster to everyone. Rather than always planning things in meeting, there should be greater emphasis on doing. Check your calendar and ask yourself, “Is this meeting a priority?” If no, cancel it. Don’t waste your time and energy on unnecessary meetings; it is better to use these resources to do the work. Let your people work instead of locking them up in the room. When there is need for meetings, cut out anyone who is not essential to the process, keep your meetings brief and focused and then let everyone get back to work; it increases productivity.

Artwave's DesignFrame and CanvasSurface LaminationPortrait Poster Size Chart

Note: The color of product might be slightly different with product on the screen due to different screen color saturation and lighting condition during product shooting.

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