Life is Short, Break the Rules


Inspirational art by Artwave in frame or canvas to inspire the people around you.


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“Life is Short, Break the Rules” speaks for itself. We have all been through a rebellious state in our lives. Why stop now? Life is too short for us to keep doing what’s safe and within our comfort zone. Break the rules, push the boundaries of acceptance and be unique. Creating a successful project doesn’t require you to follow the generic rules; you find the way that suits you best to execute it. Every successful man has his own way of doing things. Don’t be locked up by the rules, break them. Nobody on Earth can tell you how you should live your life. Don’t make your future-self disappointed by not doing something your present-self wanted because of the “rules”. Follow your heart, it makes a complete you.


Artwave's DesignFrame and CanvasSurface LaminationPortrait Poster Size ChartNote: The color of product might be slightly different with product on the screen due to different screen color saturation and lighting condition during product shooting.

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