Picture Frame Assembling & Care

Frambie's picture frames are ready to hang right after unboxing. You are only required to install your own picture and attach the hooks after receiving the frame. 

Below are some tips on how to assemble and clean the frame.


Inserting Picture To Frame

Photo Frame Assembling

Step 1: To insert your picture, simply lift up the flexi pins found on the back of your frame which are currently pressing down the MDF board

Step 2: Take out the MDF board and pop in your picture.

Step 3: If your frame is using acrylic glass, you'll need to peel off the protective cover (brown color) carefully.

Step 4: After inserting your picture, lift down the flexi pins and you're good to go. Now, all you need to do is hang them. Please pay a close attention to the alignment.  


Cleaning Picture Frame

To clean the wooden frame mould, use a feather duster or very soft cloth. DO NOT use potentially damaging household cleaners at any zone.


Cleaning Acrylic Glass

Cleaning Plexi-Glass

NEVER spray cleaner directly on the acrylic glass. To clean acrylic glass, we recommend using a damp cloth and gently wipe it over the face without pressing down too hard.



Canvas Print Care

Our canvases are ready to hang out of the box too. It is water resistant and durable from scartch. Therefore, to clean the canvases, you may use a clean soft cloth and gently wipe it over the face without pressing down too hard.