Frambie's Workmanship

Material Selection

At Frambie, we strive to deliver the best quality products to our valued customers under any circumstances. To deliver the most sturdy and exquisite products to you, we carefully select the best natural wood and planted wood supply as our frame wood materials. And only the finest and authentic woods will pass our quality requirements.

We believe in quality product deliver the best result, at the same time, it must be durable for a long period. Therefore, we NEVER use artificial wood frame, which is also known as plastic material to produce our products. In fact, we are unable to tolerate with using “plastic” artificial wood, so we call it fake wood. This is also our promise to avoid using non eco-friendly materials, and it will always be. Despite the rising costs of raw materials, we remain our stance on offering everyone the best quality products within an affordable price range.

The frame woods are carefully stored in a dry place before it is used to product picture frame. We practice professional workmanship to ensure the surface is clean and immaculate. Once we received order, the selected frame profile are then chopped and assembled at our production site with total care before being shipped out to you.

Tools, Equipment, Skills & Experience

With more than 20 years of experience producing top quality frames for our customers, we have seen tremendous changes in this industry. Throughout the years, we realized that individuals and corporates are slowly changing their preferences and are more inclined towards customization. In order to fulfill such demand, we see no other ways than improving our facilities and skills. This allows us to produce our frames in a most efficient and personalized way possible.


Our staffs are well trained and adept in crafting the most aesthetic custom-made frames for you. Produced using the advanced tools and equipments, our Italian made wood chopper and Minigraf under pinner ensure precise and smooth finishing on the frame edges. We hope you will find your product pleasing when you receive it because we take our job very seriously and your satisfaction is always our top priority. Cutting corners is just not our way of working.

Picture Frame Wood Chopping and Joining

Picture Frame Assembling

Picture Frame Hook Installation

Canvas Printing

Canvas Wrapping

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