Hanging Guide for Picture Frame and Canvas Print

Frame DIsplay

Plan Before Hanging

1. Measure Your Framed Picture & Space
Before installing the hook on the wall, it is important to understand the size of your picture and the space available. This step allows you to balance the space between the picture and wall, creating the best visual sensation for the picture and the living environment.

2. Hang at Eye-Level
To maximize the wall space without losing sight of your arts or photographs, you should hang your picture frame and canvas print at eye-level. This is not only giving you and the other viewer the convenience to view, but also to deliver the feeling and message of the arts or photographs. At eye-level, we don’t need to crane up the neck or look down to see what the picture is on the wall.

Hanging Photo Frame

Photo Frame Hanging

Hanging Canvas Print

 Canvas Print Hanging

Hanging Hook Options

To hang the frame and canvas, you'll need to choose the right hanging hook or pin to hold your frame and canvas on the wall. We have few recommendations here to help you in choosing and using the hook according to your budget.

1. Traceless Hook

Traceless Hook

It is included in your frame package and it is free. The traceless hook is a small and easy-to-install hook which can minimize the damage on the wall while holding the frame and canvas strongly (Up to 2kg per traceless hook). It can be installed to concrete and wooden wall.

2. Nail or Screw

Wall Anchor & Screw

Nail and screw is ideal for wooden wall and concrete wall respectively. It is cheap and able to hang heavy picture frame and canvas print. To install the screw, you need a drill to make a small hole on the wall and attach the plastic wall anchor in to the hole. After that, use the screw driver to install the screw into the plastic wall anchor.

3. Brass Finish Picture Hanger

Brass Finish Picture Hanger

It is for hanging heavy and large picture frames or canvas prints (up to 9kg). This picture hanger can be installed to concrete and wooden wall easily. You only need a hammer to install it on the wall. It can be installed to concrete and wooden wall.

4. Faber Castell Tack It

Faber Castell Tack It

It is recommended for small frame (less than 8R). Faber Caster Tack It can offer you a safe, clean and a simple alternative to stick the picture frame and canvas without damaging the wall surface. It can be easily found at the stationery shop.

5. 3M Command Strips

3M Command Strips

The command strips give you damage-free hanging, at the same time, able to hold strongly. The other advantage is that the command strips are easy to apply and remove from the wall. The cost of 3M Command Strips may be slightly higher due to the better value they deliver. Please watch this video to learn more.


Using Bubble Level to Get Balance

Bubble Level

Frambie provides bubble level to customers for free. Bubble level allows you to align the picture frame and canvas print you're hanging at a balanced level. It can help you to create flawless level pieces of furniture, staircases and homes. How to use it? After hanging your frame or canvas, simple place the bubble level under the frame and adjust the frame alignment together with the bubble level until the bubble reaches the centre point.

Bubble Level Mobile Apps

Bubble Level Apps

Another alternative to a physical bubble level (in case you lost it) is through a smartphone bubble level app. It does the same job by assisting you to hang the picture frame or canvas print with accurate tilt angle. After installing and launching the bubble apps, move your frame together with your smartphone accordingly until the bubble reaches the centre point of the bubble tube. Read more about bubble level mobile apps.