Frame & Color Matching

The picture frame is not only for protecting and displaying picture, but also bringing the best visual sensation and challenge the status quo of the picture and the environment. Therefore, if you wish to frame your picture, you'll need to plan for the frame design. The effective color matching is crucial to bring out the best feeling for both picture and environment. Besides, to avoid damaging the picture and increase the lifecycle of the picture frame, you should never use any acid mounting matte board, cardboard backing and plastic frame.

Below are some tips on how to choose a suitable frame.

1. Complement The Photo or Artwork

This is one of the most important considerations when framing your picture. The color of frame and mount must complement the picture in order to create the best ambience and deliver the message of the picture. One of the examples is using bright color frame (white or silver) and mount for colorful picture to enhance the picture and provide a breathing space around it. As for dark color picture, black or dark brown frame with white mount is ideal to give a contrast feel.

2. Complement The Wall Color

It depends on your preferred color style. The most common styles are analogy and contrast. If you love the color which adjacent to each other, you can use analogy color style. For example, when the wall color is bright color, you may use the white or silver color frame with white color mount.
On the other hand, if you are interested with contrast color, you can choose bright and dark color matching. For example, when the wall color is bright color, you may use black or dark brown color frame with bright color mount as contrast.

3. Follow The Existing Frame Style

If there are frames on the wall, you may consider follow the similar frame style or the color scheme. This is an easy way to choose the new frame style because you already know what the suitable color is. Even though the version of the frame style may be unavailable, you can still choose the frame design which is near to the existing one.

4. Using Furniture’s Theme

Picture frame is also wall décor which can complement your furniture set. There are classic, modern and natural designs. When choosing a frame design, it is a good idea to use the furniture style. Hence, the frame will enhance the picture and room environment instantly.


Contrast Theme Frame Design