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Guang Ming Daily

Guang Ming Daily | Date: 7 Jul 2014

Headline: 槟办《赎罪》摄影拍卖展

Personal Money

Personal Money Magazine | January 13 Issue

Headline: Finding Online Success With A Traditional Business

Think Big Think Canon

Think Big Think Canon | Date: 7 Nov 2012

Headline: Catching Up with Ray, Grand Winner of YEA

The Star

TheStar | Date: 31 Oct 2012

Headline: A Growing Niche Market

China Press

China Press | Date: 13 Oct 2012

Headline: 凭Frambie概念拓展相框生意

Guang Ming Daily

Guang Ming Daily | Date: 10 Oct 2012

Headline: 善用科技变电子商务,网络相框概念获奖

The Star

TheStar | Date: 6 Oct 2012

Headline: Kudos For Young Entrepreneur

Sin Chew

Sin Chew Daily | Date: 6 Oct 2012

Headline: 林冠英颁奖状和500令吉奖励Frambie创办人马荣伟

Oriental Daily

Oriental Daily | Date: 6 Oct 2012

Headline: 最佳青年企业奖得主获奖金

Guang Ming Daily 

Guang Ming Daily | Date: 6 Oct 2012

Headline: 发明网上相框名扬海外,林冠英奖励华青500元

Kwong Wah

Kwong Wah Yit Poh | Date: 6 Oct 2012

Headline: 在狮城夺青年企业家奖,马荣伟获州政府奖励

young upstart

Young Upstarts | Date: 27 Feb 2012

Headlines: Frambie Wins Young Entrepreneur Awards



Tech In Asia | Date: 25 Feb 2012

Headline: Founder of Frambie, an online picture frame store, wins 2nd Young Entrepreneur Awards