At Frambie, we strive to deliver the best quality products to our valued customers under any circumstances. To deliver the most sturdy and exquisite products to you, we carefully select the best natural wood and planted wood supply as our frame wood materials. And only the finest and authentic woods will pass our quality requirements.

We believe in quality product deliver the best result, at the same time, it must be durable for a long period. Therefore, <strong>we NEVER use artificial wood frame, which is also known as plastic material to produce our products</strong>. In fact, we are unable to tolerate with using “plastic” artificial wood, so we call it fake wood. This is also our promise to avoid using non eco-friendly materials, and it will always be. Despite the rising costs of raw materials, we remain our stance on offering everyone the best quality products within an affordable price range.

The frame woods are carefully stored in a dry place before it is used to product picture frame. We practice professional workmanship to ensure the surface is clean and immaculate. Once we received order, the selected frame profile are then chopped and assembled at our production site with total care before being shipped out to you.



Premium Picture Frame

1. Wooden Frame Mould

The wooden frame moulds are made from the finest timber from Malaysia. They are processed by one of the largest frame mould supplier in the world.


2. Premium Quality Mounting Board

The mounting boards are produced using wood pulp from managed forest from Europe and North America where tree being planted than felled annually. They are ph-neutral which will not discolor the picture, at the same time, enhancing the lifespan.


3. Safety Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass is safe and shatter-resistant. It will not shatter into thousands of sharp pieces during if you drop it. Therefore, it's much safer to use especially when you have children in home. The acrylic glass is lighter than normal glass, making it easier to hang and carry around.


4. MDF Backing Board

MDF board is durable material, most often used as a substrate for furniture. Its strength and superior resistance to warping that occurs over time, protecting the picture from the back.



Cotton Grade Canvas Print

1. Matte Cotton Canvas
The Premium Artist Matte Canvas will satisfy you by providing both the finest image quality as well as a vehicle for enhanced artistic creativity. This unique heavyweight, quality canvas utilizes a tight weave that is ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions.


2. Canon imagePROGRAF Printing Technology & Pigment Inks

Through advance printing technology, we produce high quality canvas prints and delivering outstanding color as well as stable greyscales (Black & White). Vivid, breathtaking, long lasting Giclée prints are achieved by combining Canon's advanced technological achievements and original pigment ink system.


3. Water Resistant Surface Varnish

The coating materials are specially designed for canvases to extend the life of canvas prints and make the surface water-resistant. It adds richness to the blacks and color gamut of pigment inks. It also preserves colors from fading and protects your canvases from cracking for more than 50 years.